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Most frequent questions and answers

TOFT is the solution to supporting companies in their transition to remote work through home office packages. We’ve simplified the experience of setting up a home office, and improved the process by working with select, high-quality, furniture partners.


Great question! We like to think of TOFT having two definitions: 

1.Tailored Office Furniture & Technology

  1. ‘Toft’ Definition: the site of a house and outbuildings. Homestead.

As a company, by supporting your employees while they work from home, you are investing in the productivity and well-being of your team. Ergonomics is essential to staying productive while working from home, and most people do not have a proper set-up to handle the strain of working remotely. TOFT works with commercial-grade furniture companies to provide easy solutions to making working from home productive and healthy!


No catalogues here! TOFT  is a full-service solution, offering furniture packages that arrive as one delivery, and we offer installation. Quality furniture that has been hand-picked to match each client’s home colour palette and size, and comes with the many years of experience our furniture partners have.


Yes! We specialize in working with companies to help support their employees who are working from home.


We do not, we sell only to businesses.


We’re proud to have our team on the front-lines. While we work with our partners’ return policies, we present a unified customer relations experience, where TOFT’s mission is to work hard until everyone is happy.


We do our best to work with our companies’ needs, and accept partnerships from small to enterprise-level companies.


Here is a version of one of our home office package – “The Creative”.


We’re focusing our efforts in Toronto and around Ontario, but we are open to all of Canada right now!


At TOFT, we strive to explore, understand, and shape the future of work. Space Age is our parent company, a digital consulting agency powered by a completely remote workforce. Because of this, Space Age knew that the traditional rat-race, 9-to-5 paradigm was coming to an end, and formed TOFT to help the transition to remote work.