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About Us

The Future of Work


At TOFT, we strive to explore, understand, and shape the future of work. Founded by our parent company Space Age, a digital consulting agency powered by a completely remote workforce, we know that the traditional rat-race, 9-to-5 paradigm is coming to an end. Therefore, we are committed to providing physical infrastructure to ensure the success of employees in the future.

We have discovered firsthand through our combined years of experience that people are able to sharpen their focus, drive, and creativity when they are comfortable and healthy. We strongly believe that the best way to maximize the potential of an organization is to provide workers with an environment that supports their unique needs, and encourages them to reach new productive heights.

That’s why we have partnered with Herman Miller and ergoCentric, two leaders in workplace equipment of the highest quality. We have also teamed up with Gardex and Chapel to provide the often overlooked aspects of an office, security and design. We have considered everything from ergonomic posture to lighting; to curate work from home packages to suit all kinds of home offices, tasks and workspaces.

Our Partners

Herman Miller

Herman Miller has been a staple in the furniture industry for nearly 100 years and has established a prominent global presence. What started as a simple furniture company has evolved into a brand that supports workplace performance on a much larger scale. Their unparalleled experience has positioned them at the forefront of furniture innovation, providing consumers with the high-grade, luxurious, and comfortable support they need to reach that next level of productivity. 


Established in 1990, ergoCentric has developed their products with a core principle in mind: humans weren’t made to sit – but if they need to, it should be in the healthiest way possible. They have scrapped the “one-size-fits-all” model for a modular system that can meet the needs of every- and anyone. Quality and care are always ingrained in each chair and their best-in-class warranty demonstrates their commitment to providing customers with a top-tier product.


Ergonofis is a Montreal-based company that uses eco-friendly materials to build products that keep workers healthy and excited for Mondays. Ergonofis’ goal is to improve the lives of office workers by shifting the way we work – one desk at a time. Their premium furniture products and accessories are crafted by considering form, function, and usability. Ergonofis’ standing desks encourage ergonomic work practices and flexibility. Their goal is to inspire people to live healthier lives by building exceptional products and services for office workers.


Chapel Petrassi is a contemporary furnishing company that creates handcrafted furniture, decor and custom projects with a modern, artful touch that is more than gallery worthy. The company is based in Paris and Naples and was created by Marie-Charlotte Bassi and Diego Petroso. Their products are inspired by youth culture and the artist’s experiences with various European and American design projects. Each piece from their collection is custom made and designed with a focus towards sustainable and eco-friendly materials. 


Security for hard copies of certificates, deeds and tax information is often overlooked despite its importance. Gardex manufactures fire proof filing cabinets and safes, designed to protect vital documents, and assets for companies or individuals. The company has been helping keep information safe and manufacturing their products in Quebec, Canada since 1978. Choosing a Gardex product is part of proper business contingency planning.