Tailored Office Furniture & Technology

Bringing your office productivity home.

Ergonomic and personalized home office packages for your employees to help your business adapt to a changing work landscape.

“Coming out of this period, I expect that remote work is going to be a growing trend as well.” 
Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of Facebook
“Office centricity is over.”
Toby Lutke, Founder of Shopify
“Moving forward, Squares will be able to work from home permanently, even once offices begin to reopen.”
Jack Dorset, CEO & Co-Founder of Square

How it works

Step 1

Build custom home office setups by picking the best price ranges and package options for you and your team.

Step 2

We offer a digital catalogue for you to send to your team and let them select their ideal package and delivery date.

Step 3

Delivery and installation included. To ensure the safety of your team, our installation service is done with the highest standards of sanitation.

Which package do your employees need?


Choose between 5 of our personalized home office setups.


Office Desk

Ergonomic Chair

Desk Lamp




Contemporary Desk

Contemporary Chair

Designer Shelf

Soft Lighting

Secure Filing Cabinet


Height Adjustable Desk

Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat

Flexible Ergonomic Chair

Storage Shelf

Secure Filing Cabinet


Office Desk

Ergonomic Chair

Adjustable Monitor Arms

Mountable Keyboard Tray

Secure Filing Cabinet


Luxury Ergonomic Chair

Premium Office Desk

Ergonomic Footrest

Secure Filing Cabinet


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About Us


TOFT – Tailored Office Furniture & Technology solutions is a full-serviced members portal focusing on creating flexible home offices for employees. Companies are increasingly changing their work-from-home policies, but not everyone has ample space for an effective home office.

We collaborate with top tier, commercial grade office furniture suppliers and premium work equipment distributors to offer tailored packages to completely set up home offices for our clients’ WFH teams. Our goal is to bring the same productivity from your office, if not more, to the comfort of your home.

Invest in your employees and increase productivity


Studies suggest that giving your employees control over the design and layout of their office leads to improved satisfaction, well-being, and a productivity increase of up to 32%. Read full study.

Working from home gives employees the flexibility to make use of work flows that align with their most productive times. An investment in ergonomic workspace can generate a return between 3:1 to 15:1, simply based on the direct and indirect cost of medical expenses and insurance premiums resulting from musculoskeletal injuries – not to mention the economic benefit of more productive employees.

Don’t let poor working conditions effect your employees well-being and performance. We are here to help you future proof your business by providing home office setups that are optimized for your employees needs while supporting a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Help us, help you.

We want to optimize your remote work experience. By completing our survey, you’re helping us determine the best ways for us to do that.