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We offer ergonomic and personalized home office packages for your employees to help your business adapt to a changing work landscape.


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Office Desk

Ergonomic Chair

Desk Lamp



Minimalist Package +

Whiteboard & Cork Board

Digital Stylus & Touch Pad

Pro Webcam & Green Screen


Minimalist Package +

Height Adjustable Desk

Laptop Stand/Wrist Guard

Ergonomic Foot Rest  


Minimalist Package +

Surge Guard Power Bar

Dual Monitors

Ergonomic Mouse & Keyboard


Designer Desk

Designer Chair

Designer Lamp

Top Tier Organizers

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About Us

TOFT – Tailored Office Furniture & Technology solutions is a full-serviced members portal focusing on creating flexible home offices for employees. Companies are increasingly changing their work-from-home policies, but not everyone has ample space for an effective home office.

We collaborate with top tier, commercial grade office furniture suppliers and premium work equipment distributors to offer tailored packages to completely set up home offices for our clients’ WFH teams. Our goal is to bring the same productivity to from your office, if not more, to the comfort of your home.

Invest in your employees and increase productivity

Studies suggest that giving your employees control over the design and layout of their office leads to improved satisfaction, well-being, and a productivity increase of up to 32%.

By providing the resources to create a personalized workspace, businesses can invest in their employees on a holistic level.

At TOFT, we want your employees to harness every ounce of improvement that can be derived from an investment in updated home office layouts.



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